7 Guidelines for Wear Belts

Choice any kind of belt to wear can be challenging, especially when you shy about take attention of your waistline. From another point of view, belts could add a new dimension to your wardrobe, they are fun and accessories. They can provide textual interest, add a bit of edge, define the waistline as needed and add extra polish to an outfit.

here are some guidelines for wear belts might help you to get started. Check out it, maybe you’ll only apply one or two:

1.Seek your favourite spot: Sometimes you favourite spot will be a little higher or lower than you waistline. When you’re regular bust size and carrying a little extra around the midriff, positioning a belt just above the waistline is usually the sweet spot. When you’re short-waisted and well endowed, positioning a belt lower than the waistline in front and at waist level in the back is often the solution. If you’re long wasited, wearing a belt high on the natural waist is usually most effective. Position is important.

2.Select a width: Once you’ve found your sweet spot (or spots — you might have more than one) think about the width of the belt. Sometimes a wider elasticized belt worn a little above your midriff extra bits does the trick. Sometimes positioning it right onto the extra bits does the girdling trick. With a straight, undefined waistline, a narrower belt positioned a little lower in front can work really well. Long waisted gals can usually wear extra wide belts, whereas short-waisted gals tend to look better in narrower or skinny belts.

3.Pay attention to contrast: Once you’ve found your sweet spot and the best widths for your frame, you have a choice between making the belt contrast or blend in with your outfit. A low contrast belt is usually best for waistlines which aren’t that defined, giving you a flattering long lean line. Whereas a high contrast belt automatically draws more attention to the waistline.

4.Add another layer: Layering a jacket or cardigan over a top with either a low or high contrast belt is an effective way of wearing a belt without worrying about its effects around the midriff. When worn this way, the belt adds an interesting textural dimension to your outfit.

5.Think about Elastic: Where possible, choose belts that are part elastic because you can’t beat the comfort. They’ll stretch with your body during the day.

6.Wovens is a good choice: So you’re happy with how you look in a belt and it’s all sorted. But your confidence falls to pieces when you sit down because those extra midriff bits start spilling both over and underneath the belt. Enter the magical effects of woven tops and dresses that don’t cling like knits, but glide over curves adding structure in the right places. Wovens can either be rigid like shirt fabric, or soft and drapy like silk and rayon blends. Both work equally well.

7.Give belts time: Belts can feel odd when you’re not used to wearing them. Sometimes it’s just a question of getting used to the extra pressure around your waistline, so allow some time to get used to the feeling of wearing a belt.

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