Bag Classification

In our daily life, we will face different occasion. On the different occasion, different bags take different effect. The following is the bag classification and bags’ detail. Here are our familiar handbags, backpack, duffel Bag, etc.

  • Backpack
    A bag that is supported by the shoulders with double handles and lies across the back. It’s ideal for sportswear (or school).
  • Baguette Bag
    A purse that is relatively long from side to side and small from top to bottom – basically a little like a baguette with a handle. It’s recognized by its small top to bottom, long side to side look.
    Baguette Bag
  • Clutch Bag
    Evening bags are more decorative than practical, usually use for female seat formal social occasions, such as dinners and receptions. This type of bags are thin and compact. The surface of evening bags are adopted artificial beads, metal, embroidery patterns, lace and tinsel and other decorations.
    Clutch Bag
  • Bucket Bag
    Bucket bag is a kind of bag with a cylindrical shape. Bucket bag is used for daily life and carrying outside. The.material is generally adopted leather or oxford cloth and other materials. Bucket bags are mainly monochrome or color combinations with many color.
    Bucket Bag
  • Doctor Bag
    A traditional doctor's bag is a duffel-shaped leather satchel used primarily to carry small medical necessities when making house calls. The classic doctor's bag is flat-bottomed with rounded sides, slightly elongated. This type of bag has round side with a flat bottom. It’s got a bit of length to it and has two handles that got a collapsible metal frame. This bag is best for heading to the office.
    Doctor Bag
  • Cosmetic Bag
    Cosmetic bag is a class of bag for women to storage cosmetics. Due to the diverse forms of cosmetics, cosmetic bags are often used decorative fabric production and decorated with lace, beads, silk and printing. Common cosmetic shape is round, square, square round, oval, fan-shaped, trapezoidal, heart-shaped.and so on.
    Cosmetic Bag
  • Tote Bag
    This medium to large bag has double handles, an open top and open key compartment. It’s generally marketed as a reusable shopping bag and can carry anything too big for common handbags.
    Tote Bag
  • Saddlebag
    A large bag (or pair of bags) hung over a saddle. They are not actually saddle bag, because many designers use saddle bag as an inspiration for their designs.
  • Duffel Bag
    A duffel bag (duffle bag, kit bag dubious|generally denotes something much smaller or gym bag dubious generally denotes something of different size and design) is a large cylindrical bag made of cloth (or other fabric) with a drawstring closure at the top.
    Duffel Bag