Corporate Culture of J.D. Leather Goods

Dongguan J.D. Leather Goods Co., Ltd is a leading belt manufacturer in China, specializes in the manufacture fashionable leather belts with superior quality and customer service, the Corporate Culture is very important for J.D. Leather Goods and it’s the soul for a company.

Core value of J.D. : Integrity,unity,dedication,struggle and innovation.

Vision of J.D. : To be the top-ranking leather goods enterprise,to be a classic leather goods brand.

Mission of J. D. : We are here to provide a platform for you to reflect your value to lead a high quality life to consumers and to create a top national leather brand.

Operation idea of J. D. : Integrity is what we based on and innovation is what keep us move further.

Behavior culture of J. D. : harmony, smile, praise and gratitude.

The motto of J. D. : there is no perfect man but only perfect team.

Slogan of J. D. : We keep our promise.

捷德文化/ Culture of J.D.

Military culture : High requirement leads to high standards,once you get your test,you need to finish it without hesitation.

School culture : we work to improve personal qualities and to show the team.

Family culture : Our factory works as a family,we take care of each other because the family can’t run well unless everybody is fine.

Quality concept of J.D. : High requirement, high standard and no fault.Good quality goods is made by excellent people.

Style of J.D. : Hard work,conscientious and fast.

Last updated: Dec. 9, 2013