Damages of Carrying Wallet in Back Pocket

It is not difficult to discover that many men carry their wallet in back pocket. Do you the D?damages of carrying wallet in back pocket.

1.Damaging your spine

Sitting on a wallet can create an imbalance in your pelvis due to one cheek being higher than the other instead of being even. This may not only affect your spine but also the surrounding and supporting muscles.

Sitting on wallet

A simple sample, when you carry wallet in left back pocket, you will sit unevenly. Cause the left side is higher than the right side, your spine will twist towards the right. As time goes by, it will damage your spine.

About the Huffington Post, New York City-based chiropractor Dr. Arnie Angrist warns keeping a "fat wallet" in your back pocket is doing your back, hips, neck, pelvis and even your bottom potentially a lot of harm.

2. Easier to be stolen

While you putting your wallet in back pocket, it will appear vision blind spots so that your wallet is easier to stolen. As you know that wallet stolen from the back pocket is a high probability.

Easier to be stolen

3. Damaging the wallet and inside items

You sit on your wallet while carrying wallet in back pocket. It is nor benefits your wallet. With time going by, you will find your wallet a bit broken and shorten the wallet life. Also, the inside cards and other items will deform.

Damaging the wallet and inside items

If you are in the habit of putting your wallet in your back pocket, ideally refrain from doing so. At least take the wallet out of your back pocket before sitting down. J.D. Leather Goods suggests you should carry wallet in front pocket, and don’t store too many things in wallets. That is not only protecting your spine and inside items but also prevent being stolen.