Handmade Beautiful Pink Leather Bags

Have you envy other people carry a handmade leather bags. Do you want to make a personality leather bags? Now, you have a chance to learn how make a handmade beautiful pink leather bags.

Handmade leather bags material

We should prepare material & tools: punch pliers, mercury pen, scissors, leather cloth, ribbon, plate(determine bag’s size), and paper.


  • First, we should put the plate upend on the leather cloth and draw a circle along the edge of plate and trim the leather cloth.
    Drawing a circle
  • Second, we should trim the paper with same method, and fold that paper 3 times. Then, punching a hole at the edge of the paper. After that, we unfold that paper and overlap the leather cloth and paper. In this moment, marking the signs on the leather cloth.
    Trimming the paper and marking the signs
  • Third, we punch holes on the signs with punch plier.
    Punching holes
  • Fourth, we take the ribbon across the holes of leather cloth.
    Take the ribbon across the holes of leather cloth
  • Fifth, we can tension the ribbon.
    Tensioning the ribbon
  • Sixth, we tie a bowknot.
    Tieing a bowknot
  • Last, we equip the handld on bags.
    Equiping the handld on bags
    Handmade leather bags finished

Do you think it is not difficult to make a leather bag after looking above method? In a word, as long as you are willing to pay action, you will do well in this job.