Handmade Simple PU Drawstring Bag

Recently, the handmade bags are pretty popular so that many girls are eager for one. They are plain, fresh and refined. However, the handmade craft is low efficiency and expensive. Not all people can accept that. Now we introduce the step to make a simple PU drawstring bag.

We should prepare :

  • Tools: Hole punch, sewing machine, scissors, rule
  • Material: PU Material, nylon rope

Finished bag

Firstly, we should prepare double same size pieces PU and double same length nylon ropes.

PU and Ropes

Secondly, we should punch the PU material by hole punch


Thirdly, we sew the PU material
After punching

Fourthly, we reeve the rope across the holes

Fifthly, we tie knots both sides
Reeving the rope
Reeving the rope

Lastly, we align the front and back of the PU and sew.
After tieing

This bag is simple but generous and personality. If you want to make one, just take action. You will find it is funny and meaningful.