How Do I Manufacture My Own Belt with J.D.?

Perhaps you are a retailer, catalog company, or independent designer, needing to produce your own belt, then, how do I manufacture my own belt with J.D. Leather Goods?

First, you need to know what kind of belt is what you want.

  1. Has your own design.If you're a designer, great, maybe you have designed your belt, and just contact the salesman.Maybe you are not familiar with belt design, the salesman is also a professional assistant, and can provide professional advice for you.
  2. Develop according to the pictures.You can collect some of your favorite belt pictures (the products page also has a lot of belt pictures), and thought up your requirements, such as width, material, buckle shape, color, some of the elements and so on.The clearer the better.
  3. Let the salesman recommended.If you do not have a clear product idea, maybe you need to think about what style of the belt is, who is the target market and so on. If there is a reference of clothing would be even better, then contact the salesman, they will give you some inspiration.

Second, make the samples.

samples making is a very important step, J.D. will produce the belt samples out according to your request, maybe after you see the samples and found that there are some different from your imagined, so keep communicating and test, the salesman will be your little helper and help you create the perfect belt together.

Third, production and inspection.

Yes, you're finally going to start producing the product, according to final confirmation of the samples, the factory will make the production plan and determine the final delivery time, and ultimately, the belt will be produced from the production line, and packing into the box.After completion of inspection and sure the product qualified, the product is ready to delivery.

It's a long wait, but good things are always worth waiting for.

Fourth, delivery.

Depending on the number of orders, we will arrange a suitable mode of delivery to reduce your costs, of course, you can also specify your own.

Well, just waiting for the arrival of the surprise.

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