How to Choose Handbag?

Women are care whether they are beautiful, as handbag, they have a lot. However, not all handbags are suitable for us. So how to choose handbags which suitable for ourselves?


  • Height
    Large handbags are more and more popular, but not all ladies of various height stages are suitable for large handbags. Ladies who taller than 158cm should choose 60cm long handbags. And the ladies who shorter than 158cm should choose 50cm long handbags. Those can be stretched by the proportion of body.
  • Colors
    In the match of handbags and clothing, the color is important. The collocation of same practical color-ordinate system but distinct shades can shape generous and elegant modeling. The strong contrast of handbag and clothing is fantastic style, such as black dress with red bags and red shoes. The neutral color clothing with ornament color handbags, it will make you very well, such as: black and white suit with sky blue handbag and ShanZuan sandals. The color of the bag can have a color of clothing printing, such as: grid purple handbags with olive green, beige or purple skirt and black high heels. In a word, the color of handbag depends on your clothing habits.
  • Leather
    Genuine leather are strong toughness and breathable, high-quality handbags are made of leather in most cases. Do you know how to distinguish the genuine leather? Here is the method: Try to press or pinch the leather, real leather should wrinkle and the texture should look “pulled” when you put a dent on it. Fake leather should be less flexible, and you’d probably notice the texture is hardly affected by your pressure. You can also get more detail from "The detailed distinguish genuine leather methods".
  • Crafts
    No matter how much time you choose handbag, it should choose the handbag with fine crafts. After choosing style, it must be checked weather not sewn in surface and interlayer of handbag and the handles weather sturdy. If metal accessories, be sure to understand whether the material is easy to fade and whether the function of the zipper and button consummated.