How to Choose the Right Wallet for Men?

Now men’s wallet has become common goods, not only can organize messy money, it can also be used to highlight a symbol of identity. When men want to change the mood and style, it is easy for man to change the wallet. But how to choose a suitable wallet, here is to share with you how to choose for their own wallet.

Wallet style is generally divided into a short section and long section. Long wallet is felt generous, but the comparison is not convenient to carry, so when you want to put out a small wallet, the volume of long wallet will become a big problem, but short wallet smaller, easy to carry, although short wallet is not as noble as long wallet, also wins in the concise neat style.

Short wallet & long wallet

Short wallet and generally divided into by-fold and try-fold models. Generally, a short wallet with two-fold would be more suitable for men. But from the usability point of view, the card bit of try-fold wallet is more than by-fold wallet's. As a man with many credit cards and bank cards, wallet with more card bit is a more appropriate choice.

By-fold and try-fold models

In addition, the selection of wallet's color is important. In general, gold, silver and brown both are lucky role; and purple, bright red, it makes you look good and taste, orange, green, bright yellow and then giving the young and lively feeling, black & white are classical color, then give people the feeling of elegance. In addition to a solid color, you can also choose some classical logopattern wallet.

Finally, to remind men, at the time of purchasing wallet, wallet must pay attention to the material, because the wallet in the opening and closing times would be more frequent, so the wallet would be more susceptible to damage, if not willing to spend more money and choose poor quality material, wallet after use over a period of time, it may break the leather case appears. Besides, the wallet is a status symbol, so men need to buy good leather wallet!