How to Distinguish the Genuine Leather Handbag?

A handbag is not just a handbag for us, It is the symbol of character, occupation, status, rank and taste. Relative to the fashion clothing, the delicate handbags will be popular for longer time. Therefore, it has to be more artful while choosing handbags. An one in a million handbag plays the prominent role in the life. As the leather handbag, how to distinguish genuine leather?

Leather color board


  1. Touch the handbag leather

Touching the surface of leather, It is genuine leather if feel slippery, soft, plump and stretchy. And the artificial leather is poor softness and stretchy.

Touch the handbag leather

  1. Watch the handbag leather

Genuine leather has clear pore and pattern. Cow leather has uniform small pores. Yak leather has rough and sparse pores. Goat leather has fish scales shape pores.

Watch the handbag leather

  1. Smell the handbag leather

Genuine leather smells like leather fragrance, and the artificial leather smell like stimulus plastic oder.

Smell the handbag leather

  1. Burning

After burning, genuine leather’s smell likes hair, but the artificial leather’s smell is pungent taste.

Burn the handbag leather

  1. Water absorption identification

Genuine leather owns strong water imbibition, but the artificial leather hardly can waterproof.

Water absorption identification