How to Dress for the Business World

1.Treat your business clothing as an investment and choose wisely. Make sure you buy classic styles that suit your body shape, are comfortable, have quality workmanship and quality material. This is no time to try the latest fads. Take your time and shop around for the best price and the best service. Be aware of the return policy and if possible purchase you wardrobe items at a store that can do professional alternations if necessary.

2.For business situations match you handbag, shoes and belt. Black shoes should be matched with a black handbag. This is not a time to get creative with you accessories or to wear colored shoes.

3.Do not neglect your outerwear. Purchase a good quality coat that can be worn with either pants or a skirt. For cooler weather don’t neglect your outdoor footwear. For skirts choose long knee-high boots.

4.Keep shoes and boots in a good state of repair. Scuffed shoes with worn heels will ruin the look of you outfit.

5.To complete your look choose soft leather gloves that will add a nice touch as well as keep your hands from getting chapped.

6.Choose clothing material that reflects the season. Heavy fabrics and tweeds are best for fall and winter and will look out of place during summer, as light linen fabrics will look out of place during winter.

7.Always wear a belt where there are belt loops. Choose a good quality leather belt and don’t be tempted to wear flashy or plastic belt. If you don’t like belts choose pants without loops.

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