How to Maintain Handbag Zipper?

Learn some tips and maintenance zipper method can extend the life of the handbag. Let me show you how to maintain handbag zipper.

  1. We should pay attention to the zipper weather be like separated zipper tooth, lost zipper tooth, skew and other problems, these problems should be promptly repaired, do not pull constrainedly. If the zipper were loose or off, you can hammer the zipper head gently knock so that the zipper tooth will be tighter.
    Hammer the handbag zipper head

  2. Aluminum alloy zipper are more susceptible to corrosion, so they should be kept dry, and prevent the zipper from oxidizing. Meanwhile, you must pay attention to the basic and the acidic substance contact. When storing the handbag, surroundings should be ventilation, do not sealed. Don’t save in the moisture-laden environment as well. If necessary, you have to use the moisture-proof paper or desiccant. If zipper were affected with damp and not smooth. Firstly, you should put them on the sun, and then, zipper ought to be smeared the wax. Finally, roasting the zipper, the zipper will be more smooth.Smear the wax on handbag zipper

  3. While pilling zipper, you should align at both sides of the zipper tooth. Pinching gently and pulling the slider along the track forward. Don't too hard, zipper are easier to be like separated zipper tooth, lost zipper tooth, skew. If the slider was rough, you can wipe the zipper with a cloth and smear the wax on the zipper tooth.
    Separated handbag zipper tooth

  4. Not overfilled, or likely to cause separated zipper tooth, lost zipper tooth, skew, etc.

Handbag zipper maintenance skills are uesful for your handbags, right?