How to Maintain Your Leather Wallet?

Do you have an expensive and elegant leather wallet? If you want it to remain elegant and shiny, then you have to know how to properly maintain it, read this article and you will know how to do it.


  • When you clean your wallet, remember to empty is completely and then use some anti-bacterial wipe. Leather wallets are certainly likely to have some bacterial growth which need to cleaned well.
  • You can also use a leather cleaner to clean the leather thoroughly. This you can use predominantly on the sides and the cracks of the wallet to restore it.
    Leather cleaner
  • If you still think, your wallet is not shining and is not restored completely, use a leather conditioner quite liberally; the idea is the leather needs to soak in the conditioner and then wipe it off. You can see your leather wallet shining after this.
    Leather conditioner
  • The most ideal thing to do is to keep your wallet free from any kind of dust. This you can ensure by cleaning it on a regular basis and keeping it free from dust and other particles that settles on it.
  • You can use beeswax, olive oil or even shoe polish to keep your leather wallet clean and rid of dust particles.
    Shoe polish

Leather is an expensive material, of course, you will have to maintain it in such a manner that it does not lose wallets’ shine or even its overall look. Protect your leather wallets on a regular basis to see to it that you do not have to buy another one soon.