How to MakeA Large Capacity Purse?

There are all kinds of wallets, however, not all wallets can storage a large number stuff. Large capacity wallets in the market are not easily found. But, many people desire a wallet can storage many stuff. Now, Our factory is sharing how to make a large capacity wallet?

First, you should prepare the clean desktop and tools.
The desktop and tools

Second, you design and cut the paper.

Design with a lined paper

Cutting the paper.

Third, you cut the leather according to the paper

Cutting the leather

Cutting the leather

Fourth, you assemble the leather for wallet.

Assembling?the leather

Assembling?the leather

Fifth, you ought to sew the wallet

Sewing the outer of wallet

Sewing the inner of wallet

Sixth, you need to make a click strap

Click strap


Sewing buckle in click strap

Last, you sew the cover of wallet

Sewing the cover of wallet

Sewing the cover of wallet