How to Reattach Broken Handbag Strap?

Cut the end off the strap to even up any torn or frayed edges. Avoid cutting too much fabric off of the end; otherwise, you will end up with a strap that is too short. For purses with two straps, remove the threads from one end of the unbroken strap and cut it the same length you cut the broken one to ensure both straps are the same length when you are finished.
How to Reattach  Broken Handbag Strap?

Fold the end of both purse straps around the metal rings that connect the purse to the straps and pin them in place. Don't fold the purse straps too tightly. The straps should move freely on the metal rings. For purses that do not have metal rings, pin the straps onto the purse in their proper positions.
Sew the straps in place. If you are sewing by hand, use two to three strands of thread for a more secure stitch. If you are machine sewing, reinforce the stitch by backstitching a couple of times. Leather purse straps will require the use of a leather point needle. The tips of leather point needles are shaped like triangles to allow the needle to push through the leather without tearing it.
Check yard sales and thrift stores for an inexpensive purse and use the strap from that purse to replace the strap on yours if the broken strap is too damaged to be fixed.’
Leather point needles are extremely sharp and can cause injuries if not used with caution.