How to Repair Handbag Zipper?

In daily life, handbag is daily supplies. When using handbag, you will always find the zippers problems. Now, Our factory shares the handbag zippers repair methods.

  1. If the handbag zipper tooth missed, taking tweezers to prize up several zippers tooth in the b of zippers, and mounted on the position of the teeth out, then gently pressed against teeth on the edge of the cloth
    Handbag zipper Missing tooth
  2. Sometimes can not open the zippers, or pull them halfway. This is because the zippers teeth crooked or fibers of the cloth belt loose. If the zippers teeth crooked, you can dial with a steel needle, then to pave and gently tie fastener teeth with a small hammer, so that the zippers will be better. If tape was loose, you can pull hard inconsistent tape, then, zippers teeth are arranged uniformly, that is finished.
    Handbag can not open?the zippers
  3. Handbag zippers does not slip smoothly for two reasons: First, the teeth are rusted or contaminated dust, the second is that slider clamped into something like selvage. The former, you can wipe gently both sides of the zippers with paraffin. the latter, you should slowly return the slider to the original position. Zippers can not close, you Just use pliers to clip up and down or left and right, and must be gentle
    Handbag zippers does not slip smoothly
  4. If the slider was broken, it can only be replaced by another one.
    Handbag slider broken
  5. The handbag zippers keep popping opened because the slider is used frequently so that caliber become bigger. If you want a temporary solution, using pliers to clip the slider’s tail, you should be careful not to be too hard or get partial.
    Handbag zippers can not close

As a matter of fact, reparation of handbag zippers is not difficult and troublesome.