J.D. Leather quality meeting held in 2013

Dongguan J.D. Leather quality meeting held in March 5th 2013, participating personnel had directors in the production department and all staff in quality department, manager Zhou presided over this meeting.

The 2013 year company quality objectives were preaching by meeting. In 2013 the quality objectives as below:

1. The made passing rate into 98%.

2. Shipments of finished the passing rate into 99%

3. waste control within 1%

In order to achieve this goal, the meeting discussed the quality control measures in the all processes, the main contents as below:

1. Before production: prepared Material stage, after all leather cutting supervisor do well , confirmed by inspection, after both sides were confirmed two times, the production could be processed, the subsequent production process ,such as punching and changed color and so on , all needed to make the first and the sample to confirm , could enter to the next production process

2. In production: All departments managed measures, QC must participate in and follow up under abnormal conditions to confirm quality to pass.

3. After production: Product stage, conduct an inspection of products into the box, after storage, process the second times inspection again.

J.D. leather is still putting the product quality belts in the first place, unremittingly improve the level of quality product quality, and provide the best quality belt products for the customers.