Leather and Human

When we talk about leather, we are talking about a material that comes from the meat industry and is a material that is polluted by the manufacturing environment. In the past, leather could be an important result of hunting or raising cattle.

Leather and Human

People needed hide and skins for wearing, protecting, keeping warm, or as tools and even weapons. These needs might be as important as to fill the stomach.

But there is another saying that it is not humane if feeding animals are only targeted for their skins or fur.

Our point is that if we treat this creature throughout our lives and kill it, there will be no animal body part as a useful material for improving human life. This is a way of transforming resources and is part of the food chain.

Looking at the leather industry in the social point of view, it helps to recycle by-products of meat into useful material. At the same time, it replaces some other artificial or natural materials.

Leather production can become a human-friendly, green industry only if the tannery remains clean and uses less harmful chemicals.