The Boss of YongYa Visit the J.D. Leather Belt Factory for Cooperation

November 27th, Renaud, the boss of YongYa visited the J.D. Leather belt factory, both parties were to discuss the cooperation in the future, and took a photo in the meeting room.


Renaud came from France by plane and arrived China on Nov. 26th. The first stop is J.D. Leather belt factory on Renaud's trip in China. The next day, he visited the belt factory. J.D. Leather Goods as a leading belt factory and supplier, accompanied by Mr. Hu, YongYa's manager and Ms. Ho, assistance. The factory has won his praise and trust.

At 11:00 on the 27th, Renaud arrived the belt factory, they were very interested in women thin belts. The business manager of J.D. Leather Goods, Ivy received them. They visited the exhibition room of the belt firstly under the leadership of Ivy, and had a first impression about the products. Then they checked the women thin belts that the sales had prepared for them in advance. Renaud eventually selected 17 develop samples, which were prepared for the next quarter. There was one more style as this quarter developed sample, the time for the belt factory was very tight. It was a webbing belt for woman.

During this visit, Renaud fully affirmed J.D. Leather Goods about the production ability, the system construction and standard management as well as many other aspects. The belt factory also prepared a small gift for the guests from afar, which also brought Renaud a pleasant surprise.

Dongguan J.D. Leather Goods is a leading belt manufacturer and supplier in China, if necessary, please contact:
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