The Cope Strategy for the Challenges We Face

Recently, many Chinese factories face a few challenges.

The latest trade disputes between America and China haven't been solved. Trump administration announced tariffs on more than $200 billion dollars in Chinese exports. This trade dispute has worried many manufacturing Industry.

And the new law of pollution tax have been already take affected in January 2018.This new raw protect our country's water, soils and air, meantime it makes many factories feel pressure.

J.D. Leather Goods cope with these challenges actively.

We glad to inform you that we have obtained the environmental certificate and safety production certificate.We put our efforts to making manufacturing processes Eco-Friendly. And our products- the leather belts comply with environment requirement.

Years' of experience in serving big brands enable us meet your requirement of high quality and fast delivery.

We respond quickly to orders, have strong development capabilities, fast proofing, and fast delivery thanks to our experience and stable team.

We own our factory in Dongguan, and have pass various famous customers' factory inspection standard, such as GAP, GUESS, JCREW and etc. We welcome come and visit our factory, we follow and assist the whole journey of your investigation.

We have been looking forward to your visit and hope we can do business together.