The Dyes of Belt Hand-Dyed

Usually leather dyes are commonly used in the following types, but because of different chemical properties, each dye when the toner may not be able mix with each other, but coated directly on different kinds of leather dye does not matter, but generally primary colors and properties is the same.

  1. Basic dyes: you can reconcile it with water to dilute the dye use. Simple and convenient, bright and easy to dye, but sensitive to light and easy to fade. After staining is complete, the fixing agent can be used to make up for this deficiency

    The basic dyes

  2. Alcohol based dyes: This dyes is mainly used as a dilute ethanol solvent, and can also be replaced by water, but the effect will be worse. It is not easy to mix with other dyes and light fastness is strong.

    Alcohol based dyes

  3. Oily basic dyes: strong oily, poor permeability, easily absorbed by the leather, but if applied in leather depression, then wipe with a cloth, it can make a dramatic shadow and highlight the unique flavor of ancient leather.

    Oily basic dyes

  4. Acrylic based dyes: This is similar with the acrylic dyes which used in painting, it cannot penetrate into the leather, but if you use with basic dyes, and sometimes can get very soft colors. In some cases, by using gold and silver color, it will let pattern have a special gorgeous and quaint sense.

    Acrylic based dyes