What is A Classical American Western Belt?

As a part of the western wear, the classical American western belt is still liked by a lot of people, so what is the classical American western belt?

Firstly, let’s look at the two typical western belt, genuine leather belt straps are carved with beautiful design, the tab and tip are made of metal, and with decorative flower pattern. Their looking is very gorgeous and unique.

Two Style Western Belts

Classical American western belt usually has three style: straight style, tapered style and ranger style. The tapered style and ranger style are the most popular.

Western Belt Style

On the producing method, due to the complexity of the pattern, so the maker of engraving process requirement is very high, the production process as shown in the figure below:

Second Making Process

Classic American west wind belt with a unique element in the western United States typical and unique, straightforward, which represent the western culture can also be reflected in detail its exquisite and elegant.

Classical American western belt is unique as the typical element in western United States. It only represents the wild western culture, but also reflects its exquisite and elegant.