There are many factories in China who are the vendors for the Disney. However it is the must to get FAMA from Disney, but what is FAMA?

The FAMA, Facility and Merchandise Authorization, is the certification authorized by Disney, "设备及经营认证" in Chinese, The customers will send some supplier information forms to factory, and the factory should fill in truthfully and accurately, Any incorrect information may lead to be questioned.

FAMA is mainly about global counter-terrorism, because the United States is not allowed to import anything from any country or region where there are suspected of terrorist incidents. Disney’s headquarter is located in the United States, exporting products to all over the world, they have strict requirements on this standard.

If the factory fished filling these forms, they are regarded being comply with these relevant regulations and anti-terrorism requirements, and then, Disney will plan to do factory audit after place order.

FAMA need to submit to China Customs when the factory ship the goods, to prove that their products are authorized through Disney, to make sure not only the factory is in safe condition, but also the products are safe. The most import is that China Customs also need this to prove the products are safe in all aspects., and to ensure that the products are imported in legal way, instead of counterfeiting Disney brand.

We are very honored that Dongguan J.D. Leather Goods Co., Ltd. Which is specializing in producing PU and genuine leather belts, already got the FAMA authorized by Disney. Please go to this page “Facility and Merchandise Authorization from Disney” to know more about it. Thank you!