What is the Inside of the Brand Belt?

Regarding belts, perhaps there is a brand belt you like, but do you know the inside of the brand belt? Let’s learn it today.

Louis Vuitton

The belt of Louis Vuitton is split leather, the back material was not been polished, the feeling of the leather is rigid. Price in China is between 4000yuan to 6000 yuan and so on.Inside of Louis Vuitton


The belt of Dior is also split leather, its middle is made of cardboad, the price in China is bewteen 3000yuan to 6000yuan and so on.

Inside of Dior\


The leather connects with the buckle for Cartier’s belt was not been stiched, it’s split leather, the price in domestic is between 3000yuan to 6000yuna and so on.

Inside of Cartier

Inside of Cartier

Bottega Veneta

The leather quality of Bottega Veneta’s belt is completely different with the handbag, so the feelling of the leather and the suppleness are different, the price in China is between 4000yuan and 6000 and so on.

Inside of Bottega Veneta


The belt of Hermes is triple leather,its middle is Hermes box leather, it inherit the Hermes saddle stitch.

Inside of Hermes

Have you purchased these belts before? If you have ever cut these belts, also welcome to share your experience.