What Kinds of Damage for Handbag Should You Concern?

If you were a little bit of caution, handbags can be used a long time. In our daily life, there are some damages for handbags to affect using time. What kinds of damage details should you concern?

  1. Stains and spots
    Stains and spots are unavoidable in our life, such as special carelessness ladies at dinner, they would forget to put away the handbags, it is easy to stick to stains and spots. If such things happened, does not need to worry. As long as the proper cleaning can be removed, the specific method is to use a sponge and a mild soap, handbags can be cleaned. Remember not to wash the whole package.
    Handbag's Stains and spots

  2. Heat and sun damage
    People usually meet high temperature when using handbag, such as ladies do SPA, it is high temperature, or in the summer, handbag is directly shined under the sun, both above situations will damage handbag. So when using handbags, you should try to let the handbag away from high temperature, and avoid being directly shined under the sun in the summer.
    Heat and sun will damage your handbags

  3. Juice
    Except stains and spots, the juice, `more difficult to remove, is easy to stain to handbag when eating. If happened, wiping off directly with a dry cloth, and then using a sponge and a mild soap to clean handbag.
    Juice damage your handbags

  4. Butter or oil
    Butter and oil are also difficult to remove. if handbag stick to butter or oil, it is necessary to gently wipe with a dry cloth without any processing. Butter or oil

The above is about the handbag damage details you should to concern, as well as some methods to clean up handbag. Be careful to treat your handbag.