Why Hardware of Handbag Will Peel Off Painting?

Handbag is our daily supplies. However, the hardware of handbag will confuse us. Because we not usually find the hardware peel off painting. Why hardware will lose color and peel off painting?

  1. Losing problem
    Due to the strong acid-proof quality process is not well and the lacquer trouble, plating color will be damaged. So when we are shopping., we not only concerned about the quality but also the hardware weather lacquer. In general for lacquer, it will leaves traces like water droplets. And If scratch the surface, you will find the white glue like wax.
    Losing problem
  2. Peeling off painting problem
    The most reason why peeling off painting is that the handling before backed-on finish are not perfect. The adhesion between hardware and chemicals is not good.
    Peeling off painting problem

In addition, rain and scratching and being polluted by dirt also will lead to lose color and peel off painting