Will You Concern About Your Carrying Handbag Posture?

Many people always care handbag’s style, function, materials, etc. It is well-known that handbags are generally large capacity, so especially ladies, they will put laptop, cell phone, cosmetics and documents in their handbags, so that handbags become heavier and heavier, many ladies can not undertake that weight and handbags are affected their spines. Will you concern about your carrying handbag posture?

Carrying Handbag Posture

People’s spines like tower crane, when loading on the left side, spine will also curve left side. In order to maintain balance of spine, right side muscle will shrink automatically and generate several times power. If left shoulder load 5 kg weight, the muscle of right must create 15- 20 kg power to balance the spine. Meanwhile, spine receive heavy oppression.

In addition, the strap of handbag too long also affect spine. Longer strap will change walk spontaneously, and brings serious damage for waist, skeleton, shoulders and neck gradually.

The methods of avoiding damage:

  1. Appropriate weight stuff
    In fact, the necessities are not too many. When going out, you can just take necessities without sundries.

  2. Posture of carrying handbag
    Standing your waist and pull in your abdomen when you carry handbag. And you can change hands to carry it.

Avoid the messenger bag or handbag with too long strap
Messenger bag or handbag with too long strap will affect walk and spines. When you carry it, you can adjust the length of strap. You had buttter put it above your abdomen instead of two sides.