Zipper Handbag Common Problem

The problem of authentic handbag zipper usually is published on the Internet. In fact, like those high-end fault zipper handbags are easy to damage because the surrounding zip line opened. It is so trouble for users. About handbag zipper not working, please visit “How to Repair Handbag Zipper?>”

Zipper Handbag Common Problem

The method of dealing with zipper handbag trouble:
1. The zipper is not smooth: making candle wax or leather coated on handbag zipper, can improve performance.

The zipper is not smooth

2. Scratches: Leather handbags are easily scratched and worn. When fixing handbags, you should select the crayon with the same color cortex. Then smear the cortex on the scratch so that crayons penetrate the cortex. Finally, the scratches are hardly gone.


3. Metal oxidation: You can gently wipe the oxide spots of zipper handbag with the smallest water frosted or frosted rubber paper, then wipe gently with a transparent leather care cream.

Metal oxidation

Note: Never use the matte paper to wipe golden buckle, only wipe with a little transparent leather care cream.
Prevention: painting a little clear nail polish on the new handbag or a metal buckle can stop zipper from being oxidized (color deduction outside).

Zipper handbag problems are not too hard to handle through above-mentioned methods.