Braided Leather Technique Tutorial

The factory produced many braided leather belts, many people have interest in braided leather technique, now the factory complied some basic knowledge about the braided leather technique.
braided leather Technique Tutorial

Braiding is the technique used on the leather belt or leather cord. In general, braiding with less five string is for decorative lace, and braiding with five or more than five string is for accessories, such as belt or shoulder strap.

Here, we introduce three kinds of basic braided leather techniques, “flat braided leather”, “round braided leather” and “magic braided leather”. The technique will be different according to the quantity of straps. We would like to talk about the weaving technique in a series of articles.

  1. Flat braided leather:
  2. Round braided leather:
  3. Magic braided leather: Magic braiding is wrapping the ends and make braiding with the cutting leather strings at the middle part strap. After braiding put one side of end go through the gap and don’t mistake the braiding steps at random.

Use the specialized leather string sales on the market will be more simple, but we can choose to make leather string by ourselves. Here to share with you the two kinds of tools for marking leather string:

The factory will bring more tutorial about the leather craft of leather goods, let’s look forward to it.